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Some say he’s brash. Some say he’s bold. He is however  one of the brightest stars in America's floral market. Jason Edmonds is known in Miami as simply "The Flower Guy". Jason and his company – have been bringing fresh blooms from around the world into the United States for the past 20 years. His flowers have adorned the homes of celebrities Queen Latifah, Paul Simon and Ed Bradley. He provided more than 1000 stems of peonies for Uma Thurman's wedding in New York. 
Jason does not only provide the folks of his "adopted" home town Miami with the worlds finest flowers, he also provides flowers to florists and designers all over the country using his amazing network of worldwide growers and industry professionals known as The Zebra Floral Group.

Jason Edmonds Miami's flower guy pictured on location at Wynwood Studios photo by Manny Hernadez

Born in the city of the Bard (Stratford Upon Avon), this flower purveyor with a rock star persona learned his trade from the ground up while serving an apprenticeship in the flower auctions of Holland as a teenager - sweeping floors and running errands – all while embodying the spirit of England’s punk music movement. He developed into a buyer at the auction and was one of the first non-Dutch speaking buyers in an arena dominated by Dutch traders. 

"It was a very exciting time," says Jason. "I was young and idealistic. I wore my personality on my sleeve, literally, and wasn’t afraid to let it all show. The conservative traders would try to use it against me and would tease me. The bowtie was my trademark piece of apparel and when I walked into the main auction room the cynical old traders would call me a waiter, in unison at times. But I enjoyed the attention. Always have and always will." 

Jason soon became a known commodity in the floral community and began shipping flowers to clients around the world. "Shipping flowers to New York was always my dream, so in 1997 I flew to New York from England to visit some potential clients and I never went home." 

His business grew quickly and Jason established himself among socialites and celebrities as the "go to" flower guy. Hollywood started calling to ask if he could get a particular out of season flower for a movie set or a commercial. His ability to deliver no matter what became his niche and he soon adopted the title, "The Flower Guy." 

Jason is now in Miami working his floral magic. He recently provided a local socialite with 1,000 stems of white Casablanca lilies for a party. He had them hand-picked by a grower in Holland and inspected by a member of his team in Holland before they were packed and shipped to Miami. 

From the birthplace of Shakespeare to the competitive Dutch flower market, to New York, LA and now Miami, Jason Edmonds is a seasoned veteran who brings an international perspective Miami's floral community. So, if you want your peonies from the darkest corners of Chile, or your Delphinium from a small farm in Santa Barbara, have Jason work his magic and you will be amazed at the quality and professionalism with which he works. 

Contact Jason Edmonds, "The Flower Guy" by email or call 305-586-4888 for your floral needs.

Jason takes every opportunity to visit farms around the world to keep on top of new varieties that are being developed and stays focused on working with only the best growers of the worlds finest flowers. "unless it really blows my socks off" says Jason "I am not really interested in putting it infront of my clients". 

All our flowers are packed and shipped in temperature controlled conditions where possible, this ultimately creates a much better experience for the end consumers who get to enjoy the beauty of flowers for a longer period of time. 

Jason Edmonds  305-586-4888 or 305-648-6254